Bring your car to Turkey

The cost of buying a car in Turkey is expensive compared to other countries and taxes and fuel are also high.  You will find that even second hand vehicles can be as much as three times more expensive compared to the UK and Europe.  This prompts many foreigners to decide to bring their own vehicles into Turkey but there are strict government rules on importing a foreign car for use in Turkey.  

If you do bring your car into Turkey you are now permitted to keep the car in the country for up to 2 years on foreign number plates.  After the 2 years are up you must take the vehicle out of the country. If you do not you could be heavily fined and the vehicle could be confiscated.  You can bring the vehicle back into Turkey for another 2 years but in order to do this you and the vehicle must stay out of the country for at least 185 days after the initial 2 years.   

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