Villas in Turkey - where to buy?

When you are looking to buy a property for sale in Turkey and have decided on a villa rather than an apartment the next stage is what area to buy in.

When buying a villa for sale you will find that most will be out of the city or large town as these built up area do not have the space for properties with gardens and private pools.  We have a comprehensive guide on the different areas that we have property for sale giving you the pros and cons of each area. 

 For example, in Belek you will find many beautiful villas for sale but they will not have a sea view as are always built further back from the sea front as this area is lined with luxury hotels which have got the premium location along the beach.  But an added bonus of buying a property for sale in Belek is the longer tourist season due to the premium golf courses in this location which are busy in the later months on the year when the weather is cooler.  Another plus for this area is the close proximity to the airport so a shorter transfer time.

In the Lara district of Antalya, although the coastline has again been filled by luxury hotels, slightly further back you will find villas for sale with private gardens and pools and this is a great area when looking for a villa in turkey as this area is very popular due to the close proximity to the airport and a 15 minute commute into the city with great transport links.  The Taurus mountains give this area a fabulous backdrop and with hot summers and very mild winters it is a perfect area when looking to buy a villa in Turkey.

In Alanya, there are many great villas for sale at affordable prices, villas here tend to be built in a slightly elevated position but this gives you fabulous panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and we have many properties in Alanya for sale on our website.  

 Bodrum and Fethiye are also fantastic areas when you are looking to buy a villa in Turkey and it is important that you research each area for it’s particular merits when looking for your property in Turkey.  If you are thinking of buying a villa in Turkey for a rental property, it is also important to think about transfer distance from the airport, distance to the beach and what each area offers for the many thousands of holiday makers that visit Antalya each year.   Villas with pools are a big attraction for families on holiday giving you a good rental income on your investment into Turkish real estate.

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