The Differences of Living in a Villa and an Apartment

The differences between villas and apartments are important factors when looking to buy a property in Turkey.  Whether you intend to live, holiday or buy as an investment rental property it is important to determine which option is the best for you.  We have compiled the differences between villas and apartments in this article as guide to helping you decide.

1. Difference in Area

You will find that apartments contain a more minimal life setup compared to a villa.  Where you have an area of a maximum of 300 square meters which is divided into rooms you may find some difficulties in the terms of use.  For some apartments this area can be even small and, in some cases, narrow spaces and cramped conditions can mean that buying an apartment over a villa is not suitable. Villas give you the freedom of having so much more space, with separate livings rooms, kitchens and gardens.

2. Having a Garden and Pool in a Villa

When looking for a villa for sale, the main preference is a garden and a private swimming pool which you don’t get when buying an apartment.  Although there are communal pools with most apartment buildings, having a private pool is something you will only get with a villa.  This is one of the main reasons for the demand for villas buildings.

3. Rules In Apartments

Apartments are designed for many families or individuals to live in the same building.  You will have neighbours both on the same level as you as well as on the floors below or above you.  This means that strict rules are enforced so as to not infringe on the building’s other occupants, for example; noise, cleanliness and social life order.

The rules of living in groups are more diverse and stricter in apartments.  However, the villas are the structures belonging to the user to being a separate dwelling and this offers a much more free-living advantage to the people residing or renting a villa.

When considering the differences between villas and apartments, a villa has many more efficient options without the social restrictions you may find in an apartment.

4. Location

Villas are properties that are usually situated with their own private gardens.  In today’s conditions, due to tight city regulations, the areas that are suitable for villa construction have decreased considerably in the residential areas.

Villa constructions are mostly located in areas far from the city centres and suitable for planning with gardens.  However, since there are no such criteria for apartments, the apartments are generally closer to the city centres in terms of location.

Meeting the travel needs of people for work, apartments are more centrally located and this option does save on the time commuting to and from work whereas villas tend to be in a more rural location.   This is another option that you need to evaluate when deciding between an apartment or villa in terms of daily living.

5. Budget

One of the most important evaluation criteria when buying or renting real estate is the budget.  The amount you determine for your accommodation or investment budget also affect your choice between a villa or an apartment.  Because villas have higher prices in terms of both purchasing and renting compared to apartments.  Therefore, the prices range of apartments are more suitable for small and medium sized budget owners.  There are villas with reasonable prices, but in most cases, apartments are more affordable.

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