Covid 19 and property market

Covid 19 and property market

How Covid-19 Has Influence Housing In Turkey


The Covid-19 Virus has bought world wide uncertainty to all the financial markets and the real estate property market in Turkey has been no exception.

At Resort Property we had to close our sales office in Belek in line with the government restrictions but continued working all through the lock down period.  Now restrictions have been relaxed we are now working and have many fantastic properties for sale in many different areas.  Villas in Belek for sale, apartments in Antalya, Turkish apartments in Alanya, these are just a few areas with property for sale and now is a great time to invest into Turkish Real Estate.

For foreign investors looking to invest into the Turkish Property market our extensive website gives you all the properties for sale and the procedures about buying property in Turkey so while you may be wary about travelling with the uncertainty of the coronavirus all the information regarding buying Turkish property is there to help you.

If you are looking to buy a property in Turkey, gaining residency or Turkish citizenship has not been affected by the Coronavirus and mortgages from Turkish banks are now being offered at incredibly low interest rates giving a much needed boost to the housing market.

We can assure our future clients that all necessary procedures have been implemented and the safety of our customers is paramount.  

Now that we are more than six months into this pandemic we are adapting our way of how we live to try and get back to some sort of normality.  People are re-evaluating their lives in order that they and their families are living a happy and safer life.  There has been a large number of people living in cities looking to move to private houses and villas with gardens.  After lock down restrictions and families spending more time together at home there is the need for more outdoor space and larger living areas.  Having been cooped up in apartments with just balconies for outside space the shift of how much outside freedom we are allowed, a garden and more living spacious has much more appeal ,  just having the much needed space and the ability to grow your own fruit and vegetables and more freedom of the outside space has seen a huge surge in the property market.  Smaller towns are now preferable to the much more over populated cities as more and more people are looking for safety and social distancing for their families.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute data Turkey now ranks 14th for foreigners as the world’s most advantageous market for the real estate market. In the period from January to March 2020 the number of properties that were sold to foreigners was 11,068 a jump of 11%.

There is no need to delay the dream of owning your Turkish home and if you are looking to invest into Turkish Real Estate and are worried about travelling in these uncertain times, there is no need to worry as we can do everything for you without you actually having to make the journey.  

As professional long standing estate agents we can do everything virtually.  From finding you the perfect property, virtual viewings, answering any questions and doing all the necessary paperwork.  We will guide you from start to finish making the transaction as smooth as possible making the dream of owning your own Turkish property a reality.