Famous Turkish Hospitality

Famous Turkish Hospitality

Turkish culture is one of kind and friendly people who are generous and helpful.  It is quite astonishing for first time visitors to Turkey when they are greeted with kisses on the cheeks and hugs everywhere you go along with endless offers of tea.  The Turkish culture takes you back to when neighbourhoods were part of communities and people looked out for each other.  

The Turkish culture is one of being friendly and kind.  You will find most Turkish people are always on hand to offer help and advice, they in short will do anything for you in order to help.  

Buying properties in turkey can seem a daunting prospect, buying a property in a foreign country whether it be a villa in turkey for a holiday home or looking to buy property in turkey with a view to becoming a full time resident you can rest assure that you are coming to a country where the hospitality of Turkish people is second to none.

Families being together is a very important part of turkish life and you can find yourself being welcomed into their turkish homes and accepted as one of the family.  Food and drink are always aplenty and you very often leave with a bag of home grown produce or some other kind gift.

It is always comforting seeing how Turkish citizens behave towards visitors to their country and is important that you respect the traditions and ways of this wonderful country. 

When visiting houses, you will always be offered slippers as it is expected any visitors leave their footwear at the door.  When visiting any religious building you should cover up, headscarves and long sleeves for woman and long trousers for men.  Turkish people are very patriotic of their flag and founder Attaturk so be respectful of this.

Time is another thing that is very fluid in Turkey, on any social occasion it is not unusual for people to just turn up at no set time but this is customary and never frowned upon.

This traditional nation with deep family values will welcome you into their country with kindness and love and are happy to share their rich history with the many foreigners that visit this fantastic country.