Living in Turkey - health tourism available

Living in Turkey - health tourism available

Health Tourism In Turkey

Health tourism in Turkey has seen a massive increase in recent years and attracts thousands of overseas visitors every year.

Turkey offers a large variety of different medical treatments which are at a fraction of the cost of many other European countries.  With first class care and service and easy access with short flight times it is a perfect country to consider when looking for medical treatment.

There are many different treatments you can have in Turkey, from hair transplants, plastic surgery and dental treatment are much sought after for aesthetic procedures and with no waiting times major surgery for eye disease, orthopedic, and many other medical conditions many people would rather travel to turkey for treatment than wait for long periods for treatment in their home country.

Costs of treatments are so much cheaper in Turkey but still with first class hospitals and care.  All medical institutions are accredited by Joint Commission International and Turkey is ranked second in the world.  Istanbul has the most of these organisations.  Istanbul is also a major city of health tourism along with Antalya and Ankara for hair transplants and laser treatment. 

Since 2012 the number of visitors coming to Turkey for medical or health reasons has doubled and Turkey is now a leading country for people choosing to retire here.  The low cost of living, warm climate and outstanding healthcare all being major factors in their decision to retire here.