Maintaining your property

Maintaining your property


Maintaining Your Property

Now you’ve successfully completed the purchase of your holiday home and investment in Turkey, what happens next?

You need to ensure that your property in Turkey is kept in good condition so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come. You can maximize your investment by renting your property out while you are not using it for holidays and if looked after you can also look forward to a profitable sale should you decide to sell it in the future.  The key is to ensure you maintain your property well as there is nothing better than walking into a well maintained, well-presented property.

As the majority of Turkish real estate purchased for holiday homes will be in a coastal area with close proximity to the sea, fantastic as this is for wonderful sea views and fresh salty air, it can cause internal humidity problems so will need airing at least once a fortnight all year round.

Private pools if applicable need maintaining almost daily and outdoor spaces will need all year round maintenance to ensure they don’t become overgrown and unsightly.

The majority of people with holiday homes will rent their properties out to generate an income and although renters  may leave it clean and tidy you will need to offer a good property management service to include; cleaning, general maintenance, welcome packs etc to ensure your guests have the best holiday experience and that your property is kept in top condition.  This isn’t an expensive outlay as long as you do your homework when selecting someone to look after your property, recommendations and a proven track record are worth checking out.

Properties on new complexes usually have a management team appointed by the developers as this ensures the complex is well presented and helps to sell the remaining properties on the development.   The management and maintenance fees will usually be recorded in the contract when you purchase your property.  Normally it is a proportion of the total amount which is divided by the number of properties on the complex. Costs vary depending on the size of your property. They will usually extend their services to cover your individual property as well so you will be covered for both shared and private areas within your complex.  Once the development company no longer provide a management team it is up to the owners to appoint their own.  New contracts are generally reviewed every year and fees determined in advance.  This is usually just for the shared facilities but you can also negotiate with them and take out a private contract for them to maintain your own property as well.  You can agree on costs for the cleaning before and after you have renters at your property and any maintenance that is required.

Stand-alone properties are usually more expensive as you will be contracting someone specifically to look after the whole of your property and gardens.  Very exclusive homes in Turkey with large private grounds will sometimes have separate maids houses to accommodate caretakers, these type of properties benefit from constant attention due to the size so this is an ideal solution.


Please contact us at Resort Property for full details on our after sales service where all your individual needs can be catered for.