Prices drop down?

Prices drop down?



This is the most popular question which pops up in the mind of all those who is thinking of Property for sale in Turkey. The turbulent exchange rate of Euro towards Turkish Lira and economical uncertainties might stop potential investors from purchasing property in Turkey. 

In reality, the exchange rate might be the benefit for property buyers with Euro. All ready projects and second -home housing are less influenced by construction materials’ prices. And villas in Turkey, Turkish apartments can cost less in Euro up to 30% in short -term. However, the inflation will eat this benefit up in several months. Cheap property in Turkey can also be found among those who are desperate to sell their properties due to financial difficulties caused by the exchange rate. 


As for off-plan projects they are heavily dependent on steel and Beton prices, the materials that are mostly influences by exchange rate. Therefore, the developer are not able to provide the customers with good prices. Quiet opposite, the prices for newly-constructed property in Antalya is expected to rise in price up to 20%. 


Nevertheless, Property Turkey for sale stays one of the top destinations for property investments in the world.