Property market in Turkey - trends 2019

Property market in Turkey - trends 2019

Property market in Turkey - trends 2019


The property market in Turkey proved to be very successful. This trend is believed to stay and flourish in 2019 as well. As usual, the most popular areas for property purchase among foreigners are the city of Istanbul and the southern part of the country: Antalya and Alanya. The new law allowing to get the Turkish citizenship via investing 250.000 USD into the property has added an extra boost to the market at the end of 2018. 

The trends in property in Turkey are caused by global trends: more mobile population, flexible economy, more comfortable and practical but at the same time quality lifestyle. The construction companies, as well as banks with its mortgage systems, respond well in Turkey. 

  • the will be more modern residencies with communal facilities like fitness and pools as well as close to transport connections
  • The mortgages will be even easier to get, more banks will be working on organizing mortgages for the foreigners
  • The property prices will grow. The highest growth is expected in the less developed areas of Antalya and Istanbul. 

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