Property in Turkey during Coronavirus

Property in Turkey during Coronavirus

Coronavirus In Turkey

The onset of the Coronavirus which has swept through the world this year has been dealt with a great deal of efficiency in Tukey.  In March at the beginning of the outbreak the Turkish Government introduced strict measures almost immediately.  All international air, sea and land borders were closed to foreign travellers, movement restrictions were introduced in all 81 provinces and fines were issued to people not adhering to the restrictions.

It was with great importance and urgency that the spread of the virus was slowed and the Republic of Turkey has been one of the most disciplined and successful countries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  There were complete curfews for citizens who were aged over 65 and young people aged under 20 to safeguard their health.  Whilst this has now been relaxed, schools remain closed with students learning online and the wearing of masks everywhere is now mandatory.  Any businesses, shops and restaurants have to follow strict guidelines in order to open and they are checked regularly by officials to maintain the progress made in stopping the spread of the virus.  

Travel has now been resumed on a country by country basis subject to coordination by the Ministry of Health.  Airline passengers must wear face masks and complete a passenger locator form when entering Turkey.  On arrival at any Turkish Airport medical screening including temperature checks are made on all passengers and any passengers with Covid-19 symptoms have to take a PCR test.  On all public transport there is a limit to capacity to ensure the safety of passengers. 

Any person in Turkey who needs treatment for Coronavirus will be treated regardless of their nationality or age and the health of anybody in Turkey is the utmost importance.

The Republic of Turkey has been one of the most successful and disciplined countries in the world in the fight against Covid-19.  Rules and regulations are changed immediately dependant on the Coronavirus statistics in order to fight the spread of the virus.