Property in Turkey - various styles

Property in Turkey - various styles


Houses in Turkey vary with a wide range of different architectural styles.  With it’s rich historical heritage and ancient civilization influences over many centuries there are a wide variety of styles and construction methods.  From the Roman and Greek ancient influences to the more recent American and German style of building houses.

In more modern times there is a tendency to build houses with more open spaces and in brighter colours than the older small and darker buildings of the past.

There are many different architectural types of houses in Turkey and vary from region to region from the Ottoman Townhouses to the more rural farmhouses to modern villas there are houses in turkey for sale for every taste.

Listed below are some of the type of properties you can find in Turkey:


New modern designed villas are contemporary in design with landscaped gardens and modern interiors to ensure comfort and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful climate with private gardens.  Most will have private swimming pools and the interiors are designed to meet all the needs to create a fantastic family home.  Some villas are on small sites giving you the added security of a secure site which is peace of mind if your villa is used only as a holiday home.  


If you are looking for a property that is in a more rural area but not too far from a city then a farmhouse is a perfect choice.  Normally having more land with the property with fruit trees and vegetable gardens giving you the choice of a self sufficient lifestyle.  Various options of farmhouses are available in different areas from large expensive ones with lots of land to more affordable properties with less land but still in rural areas.

Ottoman Townhouses  

All across Turkey you will find traditional ottoman townhouses, built with coloured stones of high quality and generally two or three storey high and having large wooden windows and interiors with lots of wood they are spacious properties and ideal for large families which is what they were traditionally built for.  Some good examples of these can be found in many cities all over Turkey including Istanbul and Antalya.

Sea Mansions (Yali)

On the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul you will find many sea mansions or Yali’s  which were built in Ottoman times for the elite citizens of the city.   A symbol of ones wealth and status in society.  With large spacious rooms and huge gardens they are a typical style of wealthy homeowners in the city.  Another type of ancient mansion are the Konaks, located away from the sea but still a sign of prestige owners, these huge properties are generally for several generations of the same family all living together with large rooms and generous courtyards.  There are many fine examples of these all over Turkey.


As you can see there are many different types and styles of properties in Turkey, the traditional to the modern contemporary, large mansion to small villas, rural farmhouses to ultra modern apartments.