Purchasing turkish real estate...

Purchasing turkish real estate...

People buy real estate in Turkey for different reasons. Some might see the property purchase a way to enjoy sun and sea weather in Antalya. The others want to save up on holidays in the upcoming future. There are those who invest their funds into Turkish property and  get good return. Over the last 20 years property is Turkey is one of the most popular spots in the world to buy a second home by the sea.

Foreign property buyers in Turkey have their concerns which are absolutely understandable. There is a language barrier which makes it difficult to understand the legal proceedings which are certainly different from their native countries. There are hundreds of properties, various areas, dozens of real estate agents. 

There are some recommendations of how to minimize these concerns:

  • do your research both online and during your visit in Turkey
  • Check several real estate agents in Antalya before you decide which one is best for you
  • Undertake an inspection trip 
  • Establish good communication with your agent


The property purchase procedure in Turkey is rather simple and consists of several precise steps: 

  1. Paying the deposit and signing the agreement, negotiating the conditions. The agreement might be done via solicitor on request although it is not obligatory. 
  2. Notary translation of the passport, getting a tax passport, opening a bank account
  3. Applying to Tapu office for Tapu transfer 
  4. Tapu transfer and final payment

And than.... Enjoy your new home in Turkey