Rental İncome in Turkey

Rental İncome in Turkey



Did you know that house in Turkey, Antalya might give you 5% annual income through rentals? Sometimes the figure is even 7%! The reasons for it are low property prices in Turkey in comparison with other Mediterranean fists actions like Spain, France, Italy and extreme popularity among millions of tourists. Of course, not all parts of Antalya region are the same for holiday rentals. The best region here is Belek. Houses in Belek may bring you rather high rental income 


The reasons for it are: 

  • Great beach, dining and shopping facilities of Belek make it one of the most attractive locations for tourists
  • Golf and tennis facilities prolong the holiday season here: instead of traditional 4-5 months in Antalya, Belek is full of tourists for 7 months
  • Close location to Antalya and its Huge International Airport- only 30 min drive 


Resort Property Turkey is pleased to offer all property buyers a guaranteed rental income contract for 1-3 years at least. We run a separate holiday rental department and accommodate around 3000 guests annually in Belek. 


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