Turkish Legend - Breakfast

Turkish Legend - Breakfast


Turkish cuisine is amongst the finest in the world and a Turkish Breakfast or Kahvalti is a tradition which started in the Ottoman Empire is more of a way of who you spend it with rather than what you are eating.  Although in today’s fast pace of daily life it is more difficult to sit down with family and friends to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, weekends start with enjoying this traditional Turkish feast. Food may vary in a Turkish breakfast but it’s not what you eat but who you eat with.  Owning a villa in turkey gives you the opportunity to enjoy this popular Turkish tradition and you will find many fantastic Turkish restaurants which all serve a variation of a traditional Kahvalti to sit and enjoy this time honoured traditional feast.


A Turkish breakfast is a vast array of different dishes which vary from area to area, starting off with a cup of tea, served in small tea glasses before you enjoy the bite sized delicacies of a traditional Kahvalti.  There are many different tastes to sample; always bread, a selection of cheeses, cured meats, eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, many varieties of jams including the rose petal jam, a blush pink jam with a delicate aroma and taste and finished with an orange juice and a platter of fruit.   In today’s fast paced environment where technology is everywhere it is nice to just leave the modern world behind and relax and enjoy spending quality time together.

Another classic breakfast dish is Menemen which is an egg dish, similar to scambled eggs but adding tomatoes, red and green peppers and onions giving a nice spicy dish.  The spicy sausage Sucuk and a pastirma which is a cured beef with a layer of spice are commonly used in place of bacon and sausage.

Many other nationalities that are used to sugary and heavy breakfasts soon realise that far from being a bland and light meal it is delicious and healthier and over time becomes a normal way to start the morning in Turkey. Looking for different cheeses, fresh tomatoes and blending your own tea soon become a way of life.

If time is a factor and there is no time to enjoy a leisurely feast, there are many, many bakeries that serve warm fresh bread, pastries with fillings of cheese, chocolate, olive paste and potato to keep you sustained while continuing with the busy day ahead.  In the winter time you will almost always find soup served at breakfast.  Amongst the many different types of bread in Turkey the simit which is a sesame covered ring of dough, a popular choice whatever the time of day and is sold everywhere in Turkey, you will see street vendors in every town selling them from carts and are delicious warm with melted cheese.

The variety of Turkish breakfasts has something for everyone to enjoy and gives a satisfying start to any day.