Work permits in Turkey

Work permits in Turkey

Work Permits

It is illegal to work in Turkey without a work permit.  You must apply for one if you do any kind of work while living in Turkey.  You will need to apply for a residency permit within one month of arriving in Turkey and a work visa for foreign nationals must also be obtained.  A Turkish work permit may be applied for from either inside or outside of Turkey. 

Once you have your Turkish residency you can then apply for a work permit, you will need a minimum of 6 months on your residence permit in order to do this.  There are several documents you will need in order to do this:  Passport, passport size photographs, photocopies of your passport which show your photograph, the last stamped entry and your expiration date.  The Turkish company that is going to employ you will apply for a work permit on your behalf,  you cannot obtain a work permit without a company in Turkey sponsoring you.  If you do not have a residency permit and are based outside of Turkey you will have to contact your nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate to being the application process. Once the application is completed it must be submitted to the Ministry for Labour and Social Security, if it is approved your passport will be stamped with your new work visa.

There are certain jobs in Turkey that foreign nationals are not allowed to do such as doctors, dentists chemists, opticians and lawyers.  Turkish nationals are only permitted to do these jobs.  There are special government agreements in place for seasonal workers for UK and foreign tour operators. Although these jobs are seasonal and usually just for six months.


We strongly recommend that you do not undertake any working position without a work permit as there are large penalties for both employer and employee if found to be working illegally.  You could be fined and deported.  The authorities do visit businesses to check that all staff have the required permits and are paying the necessary taxes.