Tourism After Corona in Turkey

Tourism After Corona

This week heralded the return of Russian tourists to Antalya.  After flight restrictions were lifted there was a huge surge in bookings and flights started arriving into Antalya Airport on Tuesday 22nd June.


Vaccination Drive

This is largely due to the huge vaccination drive by the Turkish Government, with a population of 84 million people, 46.5 million have now had their vaccinations and 14.78 million have received both vaccinations.  Daily cases have gone down from 60,000 in April to 5,000 and government officials from Russia visited Antalya to inspect what measures were in place to ensure the safety of the many tourists who visit this area each year. 


Restrictions For Citizens

Strict restrictions were put into place to stem the virus and a full 17-day lockdown for Turkish Citizens was imposed in April with weekend lockdowns up until 1st June, restaurants and cafes were closed, shops had reduced opening hours and travel between areas was not allowed without permission.  On 1st July all restrictions will be lifted bringing normality back to day to day living.


Tourist Industry

It is a major boom for the tourist industry which can now expect figures of visitors to rise to 2.13 million this year although down from the 7 million who visited in 2019 and normal recovery of visitors are not expected until 2023.  This year 90% of hotels in the region are expected to reopen a jump from the 50% that managed to open in 2019.  The high season could be extended to October and 32 cities in Russian are now flying into Turkey.

A late start to the tourist season of 2021 but a much-welcomed one, the tourism industry lost €8.3 billion last year, a 65% loss in revenue and 320,000 people lost their jobs.  With the huge vaccination drive and Covid safety measures hopefully this season will see tourist figures improving over the coming months as life slowly tries to get back to normal.