Additional Costs of Buying Property In Turkey

When looking to buy a property in Turkey as well as having a budget for the property you want to buy you will need to budget for the additional costs involved when purchasing a property for sale in Turkey.  These include taxes, lawyers' fees, translator's fees and any other relevant costs that are incurred.  

There are a number of official costs which are set in Turkish Lira and other fees for example, lawyers and translation fees will vary on who you use.  We have compiled an approximate list of costings and you should look at budgeting approximately 8.5% to cover this.

Transfer Deeds Tax
4% of the purchase price
Our Fee
3% of the purchase price
Tapu (Title Deeds) Registration Fee
Notary Fees

Translation Fees:

All translators in Turkey must be officially registered and licensed. Fees can vary from a set price for property purchases or at an hourly rate. We can recommend one to you or the local Notary offices do have a list of licensed translators based in their district.

Lawyers Fees:

Again fees vary with different lawyers, we can recommend one or you can find a lawyer who specialises in buying a property in Turkey via a list from the UK Government link.

DASK Insurance:

At the time of signing for your title deeds you must have compulsory earthquake insurance in place.  The cost for this depends on the square meterage of your property.

We at Resort Property Turkey can help you with each step when purchasing your property in Turkey to ensure that it is a smooth and uncomplicated process, giving you peace of mind when purchasing your property in Turkey.

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