Custom built in Turkey

If you want to build your own private house in Antalya, there is no better option than Belek.  Antalya Belek is an excellent investment area with its seaside resort in the Mediterranean region, 5 Star luxury hotels and world famous golf courses.  Blending old traditional Turkish values with new modern trends, Belek attracts holidaymakers from all over the world with its long sandy beach and longer than average tourist season.

Belek is not a very busy or noisy area and it easily meets the daily needs of its residents.  There are lots of fantastic villas for sale in Belek but building your dream home in turkey is not as daunting as it may seem. 

You can build the house of your dreams, a property exactly how you want it on a plot in your preferred area  and enjoy the Mediterranean climate where hot summers and cool winters combine.
If you are thinking of building your own property, we can help you every step of the way.

Arrangement of the ground work of the Summer Villa

We will sit down to discuss the two most important points.  The first is your budget, which will include land acquisition, building, legal permits and title deed costs. The second is to outline what you want your new home to look like.

Land Title Deeds Of Summer Villa

After determining your budget, we will start to evaluate the plots.  Things to consider during the process are: 
-Property views:  The view of the land will increase the prices.
-Sun Position:  In the morning, afternoon or all day.
-Location:  Is it close to the shops, bus stops, the beach, markets and golf courses or in a more rural location.
-Rough or flat terrain options
-We will check the existence of infrastructure at the plot location, such as electricity and water.
-We will value such as the precedent of the land, construction area and number of floors.
-Once the land has been selected, a contract is made with the land seller and a deposit is paid. The date for the deed transfer is determined and the procedures are initiated to transfer the title deeds into your name and the deed transfer is made.

Meeting The Architect Of the Summer House To Be Designed

After the titles deeds are signed, the architect can prepare the floor plans to your design for the property which will need to meet all rules and regulations.  They will discuss time frames for each phase until the project is completed.  We will meet with the construction company at every stage throughout the build.  We will keep you fully updated with photographs, videos and emails to ensure you are happy with the build.

After Construction Is Completed

Once construction is complete and all official building inspections have been approved, the title deeds status is transferred to the official places of residence then you are ready to start shopping for furnishings.  We can also arrange the links to the utilities.

Cost Of New Construction

The final costs are dependent on several factors these include extras such as, plot, decor, design materials, swimming pool or landscaped gardens.  But we will prepare a payment plan at the beginning of the process and a cost plan that must be followed.

It may seem a daunting prospect when thinking of designing and building your own home but we have many past customers who have successfully achieved this and who are happy to share their experiences with you.   Making your dream a reality.

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