DASK Insurance

Anyone who buys a property in Turkey must get DASK Insurance.  Dask Insurance is an insurance policy that covers a householder in the event of an earthquake.  Although large earthquakes are relatively rare in Turkey, after the large earthquake that occurred in Marmaris in 1999 the Turkish Government implemented the DASK Insurance Policy which covers home owners for damage caused by earthquakes and subsequent fires, landslides or tsunamis.  

Although when owning a property in Turkey it is mandatory that you have DASK insurance it does not cover everything so you may choose to have an extra insurance policy to cover your contents and the minimum payment does only cover construction costs rather than the market value of your house in Turkey so this may also be a factor when looking at extra insurance.

Dask Insurance Covers: Main structural walls and garden walls, ceilings, floors and stairs, foundations, roofs and chimneys, elevators, and lifts.
But does not cover:  debris removal, moveable goods and furniture, loss of profit or rental on any business premises, alternative workplaces or residences, injuries and death or any damage resulting from any other circumstances than the earthquake.

In order to cost the price of DASK Insurance the official DASK board of Turkey separates Turkey into seven geographical zones.  Each zone has its premium rate depending on the risk of an earthquake.  Istanbul has the highest premium at the current time.  Also, another factor of costings of buildings are separated on how they were constructed and if reinforced concrete was used when being constructed and the square meterage of the property is also taken into consideration.  Currently the guaranteed amount that is given by having DASK insurance is 320,000 TL per residence which may be under the selling rate of your property so again you may decide to purchase extra insurance.

Earthquakes are still relatively rare so buying DASK Insurance is more of a precaution.  There are ongoing investments into replacing old dwellings of pre 2000 buildings with updated homes that are constructed with stronger foundations and supporting walls.   Seismic activity is constantly monitored.  Turkey implemented the ISMEP project which focuses on risk management and how to get businesses up and running and rehome citizens in the event of an earthquake as soon as possible after a large earthquake in order to minimize loss to the economy and business markets.

When looking for buy a house in Turkey we can guide you through every stage of the buying process including help with purchasing DASK insurance and any additional insurance cover you require for your house in Turkey.

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