Power of Attorney in Turkey

At Resort Property we would always advise our clients to use a solicitor when buying property in Turkey.  This enables you to enjoy a stress-free experience of buying Turkish real estate.

Throughout our many years of dealing in selling property in Turkey, we have found out that almost all of the people who have found themselves victims of scams and bad property deals did not use a registered Turkish solicitor to complete their real estate purchase.  Buying a property is a very big investment so why would you risk trying to cut corners which could prove costly.

The average cost of using a solicitor is Turkey is approximately £1,000 but the value is immeasurable.  Using a solicitor to ensure the smooth transaction of your purchase who will do the necessary checks to guarantee there are no outstanding debts against the property and that all checks are completed legally to ensure a smooth transfer of the property into your name.

We at Resort Property,  have over the many years of selling property have dealt with very professional, experienced and trusted solicitors and can at your request refer you to them or if you prefer, you can look on the British Consulate website where you will find more English speaking and highly qualified Turkish solicitors.

It is preferable to grant your solicitor full power of attorney when dealing with your property purchase.  This enables them to complete the property purchase on your behalf and will save you lots of time and endless unnecessary trips back and forth to Turkey.

When giving your solicitor power of attorney you are allowing them to complete the following:
·         The solicitor will ensure the title is clean.  They check for any charges against the title and the ISKAN (habitation certificate)
·         Draft, finalise and sign the approved contract on your behalf
·         Apply for military clearance before the title of the home can be registered in your name
·         Convert the title to your name and finalise all of the property purchase at the local title deed office on your behalf

A solicitor with power of attorney can also help you with selling or renting your Turkish home, conduct bank transfers on your behalf , make investments on your behalf , take care of tax affairs and make legal claims and conduct any litigation on your behalf.  They can have as much or as little freedom to act for you as you wish and a document will be drafted which will state exactly what the solicitor can and cannot do for you.  This can be completed either in Turkey or your home country at the local Tukish Consulate.  The documents will also need to be translated into Turkish and English and notarised.  The power of attorney can also be revoked at any time, this can be done by contacting a notary or Turkish consulate and sending a written notice to your chose solicitor advising that the power of attorney has been revoked.  Please ensure that you request all copies of the original document are returned to you and contact your bank to let them know that the document has been revoked and is no longer in use.

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