Turkish inheritance law

İf you are a property owner in Turkey you will be interested what does happen with the property after the owner passes. Below is the information you need to know.

In Turkey the inheritance law entitles spouses and blood relatives to automatically inherit any assets when a family member dies, so you will find that most Turkish people do not make a will.  If you have assets in Turkey but your will was made in your home country then it is only valid if a judge approves it, so overriding the Turkish Inheritance Law.  We do recommend that you make a will in Turkey if you are a foreigner making it more straightforward when leaving your assets to loved ones.

With the Turkish Inheritance Law there is no inheritance tax which is another reason foreign buyers invest in property in Turkey.  When making such a large investment it is vitally important that you explore all the laws regarding the inheritance law in Turkey and we do advise that you seek independent legal advice as everybody’s circumstances are different.  There is a list of English speaking approved lawyers that has been prepared by the British Consulate General who can help you with any questions regarding the Turkish Inheritance Law.

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