New era in buying and selling property in Turkey begins

When buying and selling a house, there are procedures that need to be done on both sides. They must fill out the necessary documents for the transfer of TAPU at the notary and apply to the cadastral department. By making an appointment with the cadastral office or a notary, you can quickly arrange the transfer of TAPU.

Registration of TAPU will now be done at the notary!

Previously, registration of TAPU when buying a house was carried out only in the cadastral department. However, according to the final agreement, the purchase and sale of documents will be carried out both in the cadastral department and at the notary.

How is TAPU transferred?

Transfer of TAPU at the notary is carried out in accordance with the following steps:
* The notary issues a certificate of sale of real estate. Any restrictions (if any) on real estate should be included in the prepared application document.
• When preparing an application for a transfer of title to a notary public, attention should be paid to laws relating to the sale of real estate.
• The cadastral department sends the TAPU sample and other documents necessary for the purchase and sale transaction to the notaries in the information system of the cadastral department.
• Missing documents, if any, in the sale transaction will be processed and tracked in the TAPU information system. When the shortcomings are eliminated, the necessary notes will be entered into the system.
• If there are no barriers to buying and selling TAPU, a sales contract can be signed.
* When signing a sales contract, notaries process this information in the system. After the information is entered into the information system of the cadastral administration, the number according to the register of documents is taken by notaries and stored in the system.
• Registration of real estate in the cadastre is carried out by a notary.
• Then all documents are transferred to the system through a notary and all documents are stored as files.
• If there is a situation preventing the sale, in this case the cadastral department cannot transfer the TAPU.

How much is the notary fee when buying a home in 2023?

When drawing up a deed of sale, the notary collects a fee for the sale of the house. If you have not indicated the fee for the sale of the house at the notary, the purchase and sale transaction is not possible. The notary fee when buying a house in 2023 is not less than 500 TL and not more than 4000 TL. The fee for selling a house at a notary varies depending on the value of the property.

The difference between a notary and a cadastral office

Transactions of purchase and sale of documents can be concluded both in the cadastral department and at the notary. There is no big difference between registering a TAPU at a notary when buying a house and registering it at the cadastral office. Whatever steps are taken during the transfer of TAPU from the notary, the same applies to the cadastral administration.

When transferring TAPU from the cadastral department or a notary, all documents are carefully checked. Details are checked by a notary or document registrar, for example, the parties are not coerced or deceived, they are of sound mind. If the parties have no problems, the TAPU registration is completed when buying a house.

Regardless of how long the transfer of TAPU at the notary takes, transactions are still completed in the cadastral department. For this reason, registration is again carried out at the cadastral office. But if there are any difficulties in transactions with the notary, then in this case he will not confirm the registration of TAPU. The cadastral department checks all the information about the transaction and carries out registration.

Benefits of notarization of documents

Execution of documents by a notary has many advantages, such as speeding up the process, access of the parties to the notary without prior appointment, and many notary offices. The process of obtaining a TAPU at a notary can be easily completed without waiting in line.

1. Paperwork processes will speed up

When buying and selling documents, empowering notaries will reduce the intensity of their bureaucratic procedures. Thus, the transfer of TAPU will be carried out only at the notary, without contacting the cadastral department. This, in turn, will reduce the intensity of the actions present in the case.

Paperwork at the notary when buying a house is like selling cars. In the same way that various transactions related to cars were previously made at the notary, the same thing happens when buying a house. Car purchase and sale transactions were mainly concluded with a notary. However, in order to obtain a license, it was necessary to apply for a traffic registration. With the last agreement made, a car purchase and sale transaction at a notary public can also be executed at a time.

2. Reliability

Experts recommend creating units for transferring documents from a notary. It is believed that notaries will be more reliable in buying and selling houses if subdivisions are created with confidence, without abuse.

A separate division will be created for notaries, which will be formed at the notary with the help of a meeting system, in order to avoid crowds and queues. In addition, thanks to the notary appointment booking system, not only will overcrowding be prevented, but also the leakage of personal information. Thanks to the meeting system, it will be clear to notaries who comes at what time and for what.

Notaries consist only of people studying law. With a lawyer's ID to be issued to a notary, all information can also remain secure. In addition, thanks to notaries, who are lawyers, the actual identification of all real estate is carried out, and thus sales contracts become more secure. Notaries, having a lawyer's certificate with them, cannot evade paying taxes on real estate. Experts agree that notaries should provide a lawyer's certificate as soon as possible.

3. More reliable infrastructure

It is necessary to create a more reliable infrastructure for notarial transactions for the transfer of TAPU. On the other hand, a more reliable infrastructure can be summarized as follows. The transfer of the legal TAPU to the cadastral department was carried out to ease the workload. Because of this, if a reliable hierarchy or structure cannot be established in notary offices, after some time the same workload will continue in notary offices.

Another detail indicating that notaries have a reliable infrastructure is the need to create an information system. Notaries face many lawsuits related to transactions made by hand. The serial number of the passport is missing or defective. Notaries who are defendants in situations such as identification number; experience victimization. At the same time, with the help of the information system, such situations will be prevented.

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