Huge Luxury Villa in Turkey, Belek

Beds: 8 Baths: 6 M2: 600

Luxury real estate in Antalya

Nestled on the captivating Turkish Riviera, Belek stands as a beacon of sophistication, offering not just a destination but a lifestyle enriched with stunning landscapes and unparalleled real estate options. For those with a penchant for opulent living, Belek showcases a myriad of choices, including exquisite villas in Antalya and enticing golf property in Antalya.

At the heart of Belek's allure lies its world-renowned golf courses, making it a haven for golf enthusiasts and connoisseurs of luxurious living. The town's golf real estate in Belek epitomizes the perfect blend of scenic beauty and modern architecture. Those aspiring to buy golf property in Belek are welcomed into a realm where lush greens meet elegant homes, creating an oasis for aficionados of both golf and refined living.

Prospective buyers exploring real estate in Belek are presented with a diverse array of options, from chic apartments to sprawling villas and homes in Turkey. The Turkish property market, epitomized by Belek, beckons investors with promises of not just a residence but a lifestyle crafted around comfort, style, and the allure of the Mediterranean.

For those with an affinity for villas in Belek, the town unveils residences that capture the essence of contemporary Turkish living. The demand to buy villas in Belek is fueled by the desire to embrace a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates the town's natural beauty with modern amenities.

Investing in real estate in Turkey, particularly in Belek, opens doors to a world where every day feels like a vacation. The town's charm extends beyond its golf courses, catering to those seeking homes in Turkey that promise tranquility and luxury.

In conclusion, Belek emerges as a destination where dreams of owning villas in Antalya or golf property in Antalya can effortlessly become a reality. The town's real estate market, with its rich variety of properties, invites discerning individuals to indulge in the splendors of Turkish living, creating a harmonious blend of elegance, recreation, and Mediterranean allure.

Real estate in Turkey

The new project of villas will be located in one of the prestigious regions of Antalya - Belek. It is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, just 30 km southeast of the city of Antalya.
This region is known for its 5-star premium hotels, many golf courses, developed infrastructure and the Land of Legends amusement park.

The uniqueness of Belek is that in its vicinity there are reserves with rare species of plants and birds, as well as its pine, cedar and eucalyptus forests. Majestic mountains 4000 m high rise along the coast. The purest golden beaches with azure sea against the backdrop of mighty mountains will not leave anyone disappointed. And also, just a 20-30 minute drive is the ancient city of Side, where you can plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity with ruins and ruins.
Antalya International Airport is 35 km away.

Villa in Antalya

We present for your attention a project of luxury villas from the developer. The residential complex includes a number of detached villas, each of which has a fenced area with a swimming pool.

During the construction of the villa, modern building technologies and high-quality finishing materials are used. A durable and environmentally friendly brick of high-quality cladding will retain the magnificent appearance of the facade for a long time. Villa in modern style implies large spaces and unity with nature.

The modern villa, with an area of ​​600 sq.m., is located on its own territory (965 sq.m.) with landscape design and decorative plantings. The infrastructure of a private house also includes a private swimming pool, sauna and parking.
The villa of an unusual layout consists of 3 floors and includes: a living room with a large space, a kitchen with a built-in ultra-modern kitchen set that is in perfect harmony with the style of the living room, 8 bedrooms with panoramic windows, 6 bathrooms with built-in high-quality plumbing.

Modern villas are surrounded by picturesque nature in a private residential complex with a fenced area under protection.
The tranquility of country life and proximity to urban infrastructure - this is what you need!

Villas in Belek are under construction.
This property in Turkey is suitable for citizenship!
Investment in housing in Turkey is always reliable and profitable!

Turkish Real Estate for Sale

Antalya, a jewel on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, offers a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates warmth, luxury, and a myriad of real estate options. The opportunity to buy property in Antalya caters to diverse budgets, featuring opulent villas and charming apartments. This Turkish paradise, with its sun-soaked climate, epitomizes coastal living, providing proximity to the sparkling sea and golden beaches.

As a renowned resort city, Antalya's real estate market thrives, showcasing enticing options such as Turkish property for sale that appeals to a global audience. The city's enchantment is amplified by the vibrant life surrounding its Mediterranean port, a focal point where cruise liners and yachts converge, adding an air of sophistication and excitement.

Beyond the coastal allure, Antalya surprises with its versatility. Golf enthusiasts find solace in exquisite golf properties in Antalya, while nearby mountain slopes unveil world-class ski resorts. This Turkish gem not only promises a home but an enriched lifestyle where ancient charm harmoniously meets contemporary living. Invest in the real estate in Antalya, and embrace a life where every moment is bathed in the radiant Mediterranean sun.

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Property Details

  • Property ID: Big villa in Belek
  • Property Type: Villa
  • Property Status : For Sale
  • Bedrooms : 8
  • Bathrooms : 6
  • Property Size : 600


  • Car Parking
  • Internet
  • Private Pool
  • Garage
  • Alarm
  • Sauna
  • Play Ground
  • PVC Doubled Glass
  • BBQ Area
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